Helium 3 fusion

energy source of the future

















The current project ‘Helium-3 Fusion, Energy Source of the Future’, is launched by Trojan Nuclear Power Plant Inc., a company held at the site of the former Trojan Nuclear Power Plant in Rainer, Oregon, United States.


The experts predict that the Earth supplies of oil, gas and uranium will be exhausted before 2150s, and it is necessary to think of the energy concept for the XXI-XXII  century.


Thermonuclear energy is safe, clean, sustainable, and cost-efficient.

While the new reactor technology is under development, helium-3, is recognized as the best candidate for the fuel.

This light isotope of helium is rare on the Earth, but it can be delivered from the Moon that requests new methods for search, expertise, detection, extraction, storage, transportation and gasholder design for helium-3.


It is reasonable to start with building a depository for helium-3: when thermonuclear power plants are deployed, advantage has the one who has access to the fuel.




 Trojan Nuclear Power Plant Inc.